Discovery! Food All
ergy home test kit

We all sincerely hope that your life will be enriched by the contents of this book and the test kit.

You are obtaining a priceless health tool that can be used by yourself and your family over and over again.

By following the instructions we give you, you should be able to identify a food connection to your illness, thereby achieving a degree of control over your condition you will have thus far been denied.

You will also be in possession of information that can only benefit you, your family and friends, as you will now be forever alert to the greatest discovery of the 20th century - the connection between common health disorders and your diet.

Good Luck!

"There is nothing so intimate as food. It gains access to every cell in the body. It should be no surprise that something so intimate, so far-reaching into the organism, can have profound influence, whether good or bad".
Alan Hunter


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