Please Note:
Alan Hunter is not a medical doctor but was awarded,
for his research within this book, a Ph.D in Alternative Medicines
(accredited by the Government of India Act XXI of 1860,
Literary and Scientific Institutions Act, 1854)

The SOLUTION to the world-wide phenomenon of food/chemical allergy (or intolerance) has been found! In Curing Food Allergies and Common Illnesses, award-winning food intolerance writer and researcher Alan Hunter has reached the end of a 30 year search for the actual solution to the disorder. Food "allergy" or intolerance experts, writes Hunter, are simply not doing enough when they merely teach their patients to find their problem foods and then instruct them to forever avoid them. They do not seem to acknowledge that there must be something wrong with the individual in the first place, otherwise he would not be responding to everyday food items.

Alan Hunter provides an answer to the question: "Just why is it that YOU are reacting in the first place to ordinary foods and not the person next to you?" He explains that if you are allergic to tomato, for example, it is not the tomato that is at fault - it's YOU. If the fault were with the tomato, everybody would be troubled by that food. Hunter has discovered the reason why some people are "food allergic" and not others. And it is linked to body temperature!

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