Food Allergies: How Likely is it That YOU Have Them?

If you have any health disorder, very, very likely.

It is estimated that approximately 80% of the population of industrialised countries have "hidden" food or chemical allergies. The allergy involved may be to foods or chemicals within foods.

They are referred to as "hidden" or "unsuspected" food allergies because they truly are extremely difficult to detect.

Indeed, the person might even feel temporarily better after an allergenic (allergic) meal, making the likelihood of that meal being considered harmful all the more unlikely.

It has to be realised too, that the huge number of people suspected of being likely candidates for the condition are simply ordinary people going about their everyday business, most likely quite unaware that the foods or drinks they are consuming on a daily basis might be responsible for their symptoms of arthritis, migraine, depression, overweight, and a host of common disorders, normally only treated with drugs.

It is quite clear that people are going through their entire lives, in distress from one condition or another, and never ever making the connection between their disorder and their diet. It is that easy to overlook; it is that hard to make the connection.

Your mother, your father, your grandmother, your grandfather, probably all had unsuspected food allergies but never knew it. Be thankful that YOU now have the tool within your grasp to save yourself, your children, and your own grandchildren, from a lifetime of needless misery.

You only have to look at the huge number of symptoms attributable to the food/chemical allergy condition to recognise how important the subject is and how essential it is that everyone should be aware of it.

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