Read Curing Food Allergies and Common Illnesses, and learn:

  1. How parasites can exist in YOUR body, causing your food allergy or chronic health disorder by interfering with blood flow at the site of your symptom.
  2. How low body temperature (even a mere one degree below the normal of 98.6) is responsible for attracting these TEMPERATURE-SENSITIVE organisms to you in the first place causing not only food intolerance but a host of common everyday disorders such as arthritis, depression, etc.
  3. How you can RAISE your body temperature naturally by following the diet recommended in the book, thereby overwhelming the parasites that are responsible for your condition.
    4. How Nature already shows us that heat is the means of defeating parasites (such as bacteria) - she raises the body temperature at such times by producing a FEVER!
    5.How the body heals itself; How drugs do not restore health - and much, much more.

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