Curing Food Allergies and Common Illnesses by Alan Hunter, due to be published shortly, is the first-ever book to contain the actual SOLUTION to the food allergy problem.

This book reveals how many illnesses, including all those associated with food allergy, are the result of low body temperature, which alters the patient's "internal environment" so that it becomes attractive to micro-organisms (parasites).

It is the parasitic activity, whilst they respond to incoming "allergenic" foods that results in the many symptoms linked to food allergy.

This WORLD'S-FIRST discovery of the cause of food/chemical allergy will be published shortly by Ashgrove Publishing Ltd. Included in this book is a dietary means of raising the body temperature so that these micro-organisms - and your symptoms - can be defeated!

Orders for the book can be telephoned to Ashgrove Publishing at

01373-834900 or faxed to 0131-447-4454, (if calling from abroad, dial UK code then omit the '0' at start of each number) or e-mail info@foodallergy.com

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