Is YOUR Illness linked to YOUR diet?

Almost certainly! Countless thousands of people worldwide have made the connection between their diets and many seemingly unconnected health disorders over the last 20 to 30 years, often in spite of their doctors insisting there can be no link whatsoever between their illness and their diet.

The fact is, if you have any of the symptoms listed on page 3, and your own doctor has been unable to find the cause, then testing yourself for masked food allergy may well be the most important step you will ever take in restoring your health.

People can live out their entire lives never knowing that their arthritis or depression could be caused by unsuspected food allergy!

"Masked food allergy" is notoriously difficult to identify in a patient. It is all the harder to spot when it is often the very foods you eat day in, day out, year in, year out, with no apparent problem, that are the culprits responsible for your illness!

The condition is referred to as "masked" or "hidden" food allergy because you can often feel better soon after eating the offending food, thereby concealing the true effect that food has had on your system. It is only later that your symptoms can become severe as a direct result of having eaten that food.

Doctors are often resistant to the idea that ordinary foods can be responsible for a host of common disorders. The fact that patients can discover for themselves what causes their health problem, when the doctor himself does not know, is often not too well received. Commonly doctors will utter " There’s no evidence" when the diet connection is suggested and exclaim that any evidence is merely "anecdotal".

However, with the Discovery™ test kit we actually give you the medical – not anecdotal – evidence to show your doctor that the food allergy condition really does exist!

The food "allergies" about which we are talking – those that can bring on ordinary symptoms like arthritis, depression, fatigue etc – cannot be accurately identified by hospital or laboratory tests such as patch tests or even blood tests.

The number of false results produced by these methods of testing can often delay a patient’s progress. And whilst these tests can only indicate either positive or negative – a "yes" or a "no" – even a string of wrong and right results might well produce the occasional correct answer; not because of accuracy but purely by the laws of averages!

Please see the Question and Answer section later which shows the ridiculous state of food allergy testing which prevails even today: That is why you need Discovery™, which is unbeatable in the accuracy stakes!

The most accurate test in the world is to actually EAT the test food. But as that can take many hours to identify the harmful foods, Discovery™ allows you to consume the food in a liquidised form and the results can appear in MINUTES. By using the Discovery™ method, it is possible to test upwards of over 20 foods in a single afternoon!


Whilst only foods are used in Discovery!™ testing, people who suffer or have suffered from, asthma, epilepsy, serious psychiatric conditions, nut allergy, anaphylaxis, insulin-dependent diabetes, porphyria, or any serious food-related disorder should only undergo the testing advised in Discovery!™ under medical supervision.

We recommend that you should consult with your own doctor first as to the cause of your present symptoms before proceeding with testing for food allergies, if only to eliminate any serious underlying cause that may be responsible for your disorder.

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