Other Tests for Food Allergy

There are many so-called tests for food allergies. Some people claim to be able to test if you send them a hair sample. Virtually every health food shop has an "allergy testing expert" visiting with their own particular equipment and testing clients in the shops. These testers themselves will be the first to admit that their testing is not wholly accurate. The question is, how INaccurate are they? It is impossible to measure.

To even suggest one harmful food as being safe invalidates the entire test, making it worthless. The subsequent misinformation can seriously hinder a desperate patient’s progress.

The only TRULY accurate test - no matter what others may claim for their particular method of testing - is to actually CONSUME the food and see what happens.

And that is where Discovery! ™ steps in !

The ONLY Precise Test

It has long been known that the only precise method of testing for the food allergies under discussion here - the ones that bring on common symptoms - is to actually consume the food.

That is what Discovery!™ allows you to do - but without actually swallowing the food.

You will be "eating" the food by virtue of the sub-lingual or buccal sulcus means of delivery into the system. Sub-lingual simply means "under the tongue" whereby a liquefied version of the food will be dropped under the tongue to be absorbed into the bloodstream via the sub-lingual glands - salivary glands on the floor of the mouth.

This method of delivering drugs into the system has been in use since the late 1800’s when glyceryl trinitrate was first used as the treatment for angina; it provides a speedy method of ensuring the substance reaches the bloodstream without the obstacles and delay involved in oral administration via the gastro-intestinal tract.

Using this method, the food will quickly enter the bloodstream and within minutes you will be able to identify the foods that bring on YOUR specific symptoms. Your old, familiar, symptoms will return if you are "allergic" to the food being tested. Conversely, if that food is not responsible for your particular symptom, you will experience no reaction, and it can be considered safe to eat.

Each test only takes minutes, and, if you do not react to a number of foods, many such tests can be carried out in a few hours.

Testing by this method is the only accurate and quick method which can reasonably be carried out at home for the identification of culprit foods responsible for your symptoms.

If you manage 20 food tests on your first day (which would take around 3 and a half hours allowing for cleaning the syringe after each test), and assuming you found 6 culprit foods and 14 safe foods, that means, instead of starting day 2 totally in the dark about which foods are safe and which are not, you immediately have a fairly broad base of 14 safe foods, so you cannot "starve". And, as you will have such a wide safe diet so soon, you can slow down on the following days and merely test a couple of foods a day if you so wish. The urgency will be over; you will have found a good number of safe foods.

Once you are satisfied that you have sufficient safe foods, you can create menus based on these. Be sure to keep the sheet of paper indicating your "Safe" and "Forbidden" foods prominently in your house. Doubtless too, you will commit the results to memory. But still keep the Test Charts showing pulse rates and changes of symptoms for future reference in case you ever need to carry out further testing on yourself, as allergies to foods can change over time.

People who react to many foods, drinks, or chemicals - "universal reactors" - might find it tough going trying to find enough safe foods in order to establish a wide diet. If you prove to be one of those multi-allergy individuals, then you should seek to maximise your nutritional status, hence your health, by intensive improved dietary methods such as the Gerson Therapy or other Nature Cure means, as discussed in the enclosed book Discover Your Hidden Food Allergies.

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