Food Allergies = Blood Flow Interference

It took Alan Hunter, award-winning author of Curing Food Allergies and common illnesses, to discover just why so many seemingly unconnected symptoms could result from the mere ingestion of simple foods.

Part of the reason that orthodox medicine would ridicule the phenomenon of food allergy was the vast number of conditions claimed to be associated with it.

How could there be a connection between so many seemingly disparate disorders, they would ask!

Dr Hunter found out what that connection was. It was blood flow. During the food/chemical allergic reaction there is interference in blood flow at the site of the symptom!

On exposure to an allergenic substance, partial occlusion would occur in the vascular walls supplying the area in the body where a reaction will occur, temporarily closing off or reducing the blood supply to that part of the body.

Such hypoperfusion (reduced blood flow) interferes not only with oxygen supply to the tissues but also with the delivery of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients.

As all parts of the body are served by blood, such reduced blood flow will explain why all parts of the body can be affected and why so many seemingly "diverse" symptoms are not so unconnected after all.

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